KDS450S 2.4Ghz 6CH RTF With Flymentor 3D


Plastic parts version
Metal frame

Wood main blades

KDS-WS2632 3200KV brushless motor


4x9g servo

Flymentor 3D

11.1V 2200MAH 15C battery

Balance charger and Adaptor

2.4G radio

Flymentor 3D Function

Automatically Hovering in a Fixed Position 3D Stabilizing System
The KDS Flymentor 3D contain 3 components, the Flymentor Mixer, a CCD Camera and a 3-Axis Gyro. The system act as a Auto Pilot, it will only steps in when you don't give any input, but once you move your hands on the control sticks again, the system will de-activate and let you take charge again, pretty amazing, Just like a real Auto Pilot when you need a break. The system provides 2 main features, Stabilizing Mode and Positioning Mode.

What is Stabilizing Mode?
Under this mode, there will be solid red and green light on the Flymentor Mixer, the CCD will not be working, only the 3-Axis Gyro is working. When you play the helicopter outdoor, when the wind pass thru the helicopter, it will push the helicopter and making it lean to another side, you need to make the correction on the on the transmitter to keep the helicopter back to horizontal. By using the Flymentor, it will automatically correct the cyclic servos and make the helicopter back horizontal. Thanks to the 3-Axis gyro, it can work all around 360 degree correction.

What is Positioning Mode?
In this mode, there will be solid green light on the Flymentor Mixer, the CCD Camera and the 3-Axis Gyro are both working. The CCD Camera will constantly taking pictures of the ground, and compare each frame, to see if the helicopter is drifting, then it tell the Flymentor Mixer to give correction to the cyclic servos. Resulting the helicopter will stay in a Fixed position. The concept is simply an Eye watching the ground and make correction. But note that the system is not hooked up with the throttle, the attitude of the helicopter is still in your control.

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